• Creation of new functionality and the correction of errors

    The contradiction between the creation of new functionality and the correction of errors. Time is limited. The amount of work being done is the same. And if at the beginning of development mistakes are usually not paid much attention to, then by the middle and, especially, the third quarter of the project, mistakes become a […]

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  • Automation software in mid size comapny

    We had a similar situation with notes: someone was using Windows stick notebooks, someone was writing in a text editor. The main product of the manager was actively using OneNote, but he did not rummage with anyone, his subordinates wrote notes in Evernote and Trello. Then everyone got carried away with mindmaps — and they […]

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  • How to switch to devops from development

    We decided to figure out what the work of a devops engineer is all about, and asked Viktor Popov, a devops at NLMK IT, about it. Victor told me what ways they come to devops and what they do there, why everyone needs middles and what to do if you are June. Word to Victor. […]

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