• From Software developer to PM

    I talked with products and specialists from other markets Word of mouth helped me a lot. I got the contacts of a good research agency from a product working in retail, and I learned from a colleague in the industry that cheap places for stands at one of the industry exhibitions are placed where no […]

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  • Where do they come from in devops

    If we talk about where they get this engineering experience, then usually they come to devops either from development or from administration. It happens that a programmer gets tired of writing code, and he decides to develop in a related direction. These people have a cool background in development, they tighten up the admin part […]

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  • We design internal development as a software asset in five steps

    The experience of the last three years shows how the attitude of companies to internal developments has changed. Even a simple software created “on the knee” is perceived as a kind of entity that has its own value. In some companies, the value of internal developments has also increased under the influence of the import […]

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