• About the strong atmosphere in the development team

    Lisa: How easy is it for you to communicate in the company? To go to the CTO or the manager, do I need to sign up? Alexey: I can safely go to the CTO, if he is free, to discuss current issues with him. But usually I go to my supervisor. Lisa: You worked in […]

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  • The self-written software for process automation

    . In large powerful companies, there are always department heads who, out of the best intentions (to save money, make it more convenient, just do something, get a promotion), offer to start sawing their own Swiss knife. I happened to see self-written analogues of WordPress, Jira, a social network for employees. Such software is characterized […]

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  • About distribution, remoting and openspace

    Disclaimer: We recorded this conversation before quarantine and total removal. Now many people have become able to work remotely and remotely, below we describe how it was at ABBYY before it became a global necessity. Lisa: Lyosha, we called you because the bird brought on the tail that ABBYY has distributed teams, and you know […]

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