Poker Jackpot

It should come as no surprise that I play poker (usually Texas Hold ‘Em) both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos. I have found that most casinos and some online sites take a jackpot rake in addition to the casino rake. The jackpot rake is set aside to pay jackpots to players under special, pre-defined situations.

One example is a “bad beat” jackpot that is paid when a player with a really good hand gets beaten by someone with an even better hand. Sometimes that good hand has to be aces full of tens getting beaten by quads or a straight flush; other times the beaten hand must be at least quads.

Other jackpots include just getting quads or a straight flush without regard to beating or getting beaten by someone else. At least one casino that I know of uses the jackpot to fund a tournament. There are almost as many types of jackpot payments as there are casinos.

As I complete my analysis of these different jackpots I will be posting them here. Stay tuned.

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