• Automation software for mid sized company

    mid sized company (101 — 1000 people) Then I moved to a more serious startup and stayed there for quite a long time (from round B to E). During this time, the number of employees has increased from hundreds to half a thousand, and the zoo of tools has become quite impressive. My activity was […]

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  • Managing the development of technologically complex Internet applications

    Introduction This note is about how to speed up the development of technologically complex Internet applications and not pay an excessive price for it. It was written to summarize and put in order the author’s own experience, but it can also be useful to other technical managers of Internet projects. The reader may be interested […]

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  • How to become a PM in software development project

    1. I began to actively use programs and tools Yes, you can wash clothes by hand, especially if you do it once a year. But it’s not worth giving up time- and effort-saving tools in everyday work. There are a lot of cool completely free tools. The main thing, of course, will be the software […]

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