Reverse Auction Counter Strategy

Auctus Development provides auction strategy consulting services to enterprises across the United States and around the world.


Of particular concern to many of our clients is the growing tendency of large companies to use reverse auctions for major purchases. This upsets the many years of relationship-building that our clients’ sales forces have invested in learning about their customers. Sales personnel are thrust into new and completely unfamiliar arenas. The time and dollars invested in sales force recruitment and training (especially training) are in jeopardy of being lost. And most importantly, major accounts and their associated revenue, profit, market share, overhead support and prestige are all at-risk.

We understand these concerns.

We can help our clients win the auctions that they want to win. And even if they don’t want to win, we can help our clients make it very expensive for their competitors.

But time is of the essence!

To be most effective, we must be contacted as soon as you hear that your customer is considering using auctions. Just like medicine, law or even lawn weed control, the best and most cost-efficient solutions are often found when the situation is addressed early. This is no different.

Our Reverse Auction Counter Strategy consulting covers the entire breadth of topics to maximize your advantages before, during and after the auction:

Pre-Auction Positioning

Competitive Assessment
Competition Co-option
Bid Preparation

Extra-Auction Values
Extra-Auction Costs
Auction Participation

Technical & Telecommunications
Auction Protocols
Auction Interface

Post-Auction Positioning
Pre-Pre-Auction Positioning
Leading Edge Publications

Article by Maudlin about reverse auctions from Leading Edge Publications, October 2004. (Adobe pdf format)

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