Papers and Commentary

Winning Dissolution Strategies

White paper by Maudlin about strategies in shareholder force-outs. (Adobe pdf format)

Leading Edge Publications

Article by Maudlin about reverse auctions from Leading Edge Publications, October 2004. (Adobe pdf format)

Why B2B Auctions Are Not Meeting Expectations

This three-part paper presents the reasons B2B auctions have not met expectations – specifically:

  • Why B2B auction sites are not generating significant revenue.
  • Why sellers are not making money with auctions.
  • Why buyers are not participating in and saving money with auctions.
  • Part 1 examines the lack of education and knowledge about auctions among potential buyers and sellers and its consequences. (Adobe pdf format)

Part 2 examines the buyers’ and sellers’ auction objectives and how the incompatibility of those objectives prevents significant participation. (Adobe pdf format)

Part 3 (forthcoming) discusses possible solutions that would allow auction participants to achieve their financial goals and auctions to achieve their potential in electronic commerce.
Restructuring Today

Steven Greenlee interviews Maudlin (interview starts on page 2). Redistributed with permission of US Publishing: (800.486.8201) ( (Adobe pdf format)

Real-Time Communication and Auction Bidding Tactics

Real-time communication between a bidder and the auction site is essential for successfully using auctions as a supply-chain purchasing channel. Paper written by Stuart Maudlin for UnBound Technology, Inc. ( (Adobe pdf format)