• The team is your everything in software project

    The team is your everything, even though you don’t assemble it yourself Product is still not a CEO, he does not assemble a team for himself, so you need to learn how to work with the team that you have. For example, the head of our sales department liked to “solo” and could enthusiastically push […]

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  • How much software do I need to buy for the company

    Small company (1 — 100 people) My first company was just a model of how to choose the right software and at the same time not spend a lot. The CEO was a big fan of Google and bought G suite. As a result, we had the necessary office software package, mail, and even a […]

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  • Internal software development

    After the order of the organization that the product has been put into operation, it is necessary to prepare an order for placing the software on the balance sheet, determine its initial cost, useful life, etc. How to do it? It is necessary to create an expert council, which, as part of the discussion of […]

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